JNR Global Logistics in partnership with The Matson Companies became the first company in the history of the Hawaiian Islands to offer a new kind of cargo delivery.


Offering services to both residential and commercial clients JNR Global began offering what they have coined as Direct Freight Delivery.


Direct Freight Delivery customers can take advantage of the benefits of both freight forwarding and dedicated container services, when they're shipping less than a container load of items(LCL) Direct Freight Delivery provides multiple customers the ability to have their freight prepped and loaded by JNR Global Logistics relocation experts, and delivered directly to their specific addresses without anything ever leaving the container prior to the containers arrival at their chosen address. Items being shipped from Hawaii can be delivered to any address in the continental United States, whether that address is in North America, Asia, Europe or anywhere else on the globe.


This revolutionary type of freight delivery service provides all of the cost-effectiveness of freight forwarding without any offloading, trans-loading, or warehousing of customers items. Along with the value pricing of freight forwarding Direct Freight Delivery or DFD as JNR Global's Chief Logistics Operator (CLO) Eugene C Jasper likes to call it; this first-of-its-kind service gives each customer the security of knowing that their freight will arrive, never having been touched by anyone from the time it leaves Honolulu Hawaii, the location of JNR Global's headquarters in the Hawaiian islands. If this new service interests you, please contact JNR Global Logistics at 808 773 0035 or email