Local Freight Forwarder

What to Look for When Searching for a Local Freight Forwarder

If you are looking for a logistics provider near me, then you should know what you are looking for and who you are talking to. When it comes to finding a local freight forwarder, finding a shipping company isn't terribly difficult, but finding a reputable, reliable, and full service freight forwarder like JNR Global Logistics is a different story.

Do they handle scheduling, do they have freight tracking, how far do they ship, what type of equipment do they have, and many other questions may arise when looking for a local freight forwarder. Fortunately, for those folks looking for a logistics provider near me, they need to search no longer because JNR Global wants to be the end of your search for a safe, dependable, timely, and full-service logistics provider.

For your next load, full, less than truckload, or even container and air freight, let JNR Global Logistics take care of your freight and the headache of getting your commodities shipped safely, on time, and with only a phone call. Contact the professional expert freight forwarders at JNR and leave the rest to us, From pickup to delivery and transport, from start to finish, JNR gets the job done and the load delivered, every time.