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Debunking 3 Myths About Shipping During COVID-19

Hawaiians rely on importing and exporting shipping services for essential and non-essential goods. However, COVID-19 has changed the industry. As reports vary on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, there is a lot of misinformation out there about how the virus has affected Hawaii. The guide below will correct the misinformation and give you peace of mind even in these difficult times. 

What Are the False Rumors About Shipping Services in Hawaii? 

1. Transportation of Goods Is Prohibited

Rumors were spread over text messages that Matson® was ceasing shipments. With retailers and big-box outlet stores experiencing increasing demands for both essential and non-essential goods, the rumors gained traction and caused a panic. 

As a large importer of goods, including toilet paper and canned food, Matson® ending their shipping services would create massive shortages. 

However, both the company and the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) refuted the claims of any shutdown. 

In fact, Matson® revealed that they were using reserve vessels to meet the high demand for goods. 

2. The Virus Has Caused Delays

With more people relying on online shopping these days, many have noticed warnings on their favorite sites that the coronavirus has delayed shipping. 

That’s not entirely accurate.

Businesses are merely prioritizing the shipment of essential goods. Since the beginning of the crisis, no shipment delays or cancellations have been reported by Matson®. 

While sites like Amazon® did experience delays in delivery, the setback was temporary. In a statement made on May 13, the company hired 175,000 new workers. This hiring boom has allowed them to return to their speedy shipping services.

3. Shipping Costs Are Rising 

It makes sense that shipping costs would increase to meet higher consumer demands. However, the opposite has proven true during this pandemic. While companies are taking more considerable precautions before shipping, costs are actually decreasing.

COVID-19 has reduced the price of oil, even reaching subzero numbers over the last several months

With oil practically becoming free, many companies have adjusted their prices to help their clients save on shipping fees. 

Not all companies have adjusted their shipping rates due to COVID-19. JNR Global Logistics will provide quotes from multiple companies to ensure your goods are shipped safely and at a fair price. While the coronavirus has stopped many businesses, this company is here for you in this time of change. Whether you’re relocating to another island, the mainland, or to another country entirely, you can rest assured that your belongings are handled with care and respect and will reach their destination on time. For more information on their shipping services for military clients, visit their website. If you’re in the Kapolei, HI, area, call (808) 353-8441

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