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Happiest state in the U.S 2022

We all have our good days and bad days. Some days we are sad, and some, we are happy. We can feel happy because of a promotion, an upcoming trip, time with family, or the place we live.

Happiness is based on several factors, both internal and external, and some more important than others. Some states in the U.S. are considered happier than others. However, can you measure happiness?

To determine which states are the happiest in the United States, WalletHub looked at both internal and external factors in the form of different metrics in three categories:

  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being

  • Work Environment

  • Community & Environment

The categories are broken down into 31 metrics. These metrics include the number of work hours, job security, adult depression, income growth, and the weather, among others. Each metric is weighted differently and graded on a scale from zero to 100, with 100 corresponding with maximum happiness. Each state’s weighted average across all metrics was determined to calculate its overall score.

-Reference by The resulting ranks created WalletHub's Happiest States in America-


Top 3 Happiest States in the U.S.

1. Hawaii At the top of the list is Hawaii, which ranked first overall with a score of 69.58. Hawaii ranks second for Emotional & Physical Well-Being. Hawaii has the second-lowest share of adult depression of any state, the fifth-highest income growth rate, and the country's fourth-lowest divorce rate. Hawaii residents enjoy many days of sunshine and healthy, active, outdoor lifestyles. Additionally, the state has the longest average lifespan in the U.S. of 81.48 years.

2. Utah Utah is the second-happiest state in the United States. Utah ranks first for Work Environment and first for Community & Environment. Utah residents not only are hard workers and enjoy their work more than residents of any other state, but they also work the fewest hours. Utah also has the highest volunteer rate, the lowest divorce rate, and is the fourth-safest state. Like residents of Hawaii, Utah residents enjoy a very active, outdoor lifestyles, keeping them mentally and physically healthy.

3. Minnesota Minnesota is the third-happiest state in the U.S. Minnesota ranks fourth for Emotional & Physical Well-Being and fourth for Work Environment. Minnesota is the third-safest state in the country, has the third-lowest divorce rate, and the second-highest volunteer rate. Minnesota residents are known for being some of the friendliest and most-inclusive people in the country, despite having some of the most intense winters.


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