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How to choose a Logistics Provider

Logistics is about more than trucking of the client’s freight from the warehouse in one city to the customer’s destination somewhere else.  Being a great Logistics Provider requires learning about your customers and their needs, and understanding how things can be scheduled so that freight moves quickly and efficiently from one location in the world to another, and the ability to build relationships with other service providers and secure consistent pricing for freight whether it’s being shipped via ocean, air, on the rail, or over the road.

A great logistics provider will go out of their way, sometimes spending hours, days, or even weeks, securing the right partnerships with trucking companies, airlines, intermodal freight delivery services, ocean cargo carriers, and other logistics providers throughout the world.  Doing research, reading industry publications, sending out emails, making phone calls, and meeting with others in the industry is the key to securing these partnerships and can occupy more than half of the waking hours of a great Logistics Provider. How much time is spent on learning about services and pricing offered by many different industry professionals from truckers to movers can mean the difference between gaining and maintaining satisfied, happy clients, who offer repeat business year after year, and losing a client to a provider who is better prepared to handle the client’s needs.

Since starting in the transportation industry just 3 years ago, the logistics providers at JNR Global Logistics have spent over half their waking hours developing these relationships with others in the industry and will continue in our efforts to remain aware of every aspect of the global freight and shipping industry.  Whether your shipment is a single container of household goods, a partial container of marble tiles, or 600 vehicles a year, California, Honolulu, Central America, Japan, or the Netherlands, by ocean or air, JNR Global Logistics can meet your shipping requirements and will provide the best logistics solutions for your specific needs.

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