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How to Prepare for Car Shipping

When embarking on a long-distance move, you must figure out what you’ll drive when you get to your new home. While some may opt to buy a new car entirely, this expense is high. Instead, you can opt to have your car transported by a professional freight service for a fraction of the price. If you want to take advantage of this convenient option, here are a few steps to prepare for car shipping.

5 Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Shipping

1. Paperwork

Your car needs to have up to date registration in order to be shipped. If your car is financed, you'll also need a letter from the bank/lienholder, stating that you have permission to ship the vehicle from your origin to your destination. If you're shipping from Hilo, you'll also need to make sure to have an up to date safety check on your vehicle in order to be allowed to ship.

2. Tend to All Maintenance & Repair Needs

Visit an auto shop a few weeks before your departure date to take care of any unresolved maintenance and repair needs. Addressing these issues ahead of the journey will allow you to hit the road with confidence once you get to your destination. You’ll also catch and fix problems that could damage your car during transport, such as fluid leaks and underinflated tires.  

3. Wash the Body

Washing your car and cleaning out the interior will give you a chance to closely inspect the body for paint chips, cracked glass, and other minor damage. Once you’ve cleaned the body, take photos of the vehicle to document what condition it was in before shipment. While your vehicle should be secure during transportation, this evidence will help you claim any potential damage that happens to your high-value property during the trip.

4. Empty the Tank

During transport, the extra weight of a full tank of gas could place stress on the car and cause damage. It may even result in higher fees. To keep your vehicle light and stable during its journey, use up any available gasoline until the tank is no more than a quarter full.

5. Adjust Attachments

Attachments on the vehicle body can get knocked around during transportation, especially when it’s coming on and off the freight truck or ship. To minimize accidents, it’s best to either remove or adjust attachments, such as by folding in side mirrors or disconnecting the antennae.

Providing comprehensive freight and shipping services across the planet, JNR Global Logistics will help you transport your car to or from the Hawaiian Islands. Well-versed in transporting valuable goods, this team will use heavy-duty hauling resources to quickly and safely move your vehicle. Beyond car shipping, this international freight company can also deliver all other belongings to simplify your long-distance move. To learn more about their capabilities and affordable rates, visit this overseas moving company online or call the Kapolei office at (808) 353-8441.  

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