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Logistics news for January 2022

Impact of Coronavirus affect ports around the world

Coronavirus Omicron Variant expands in LA and LB ports as dockworkers miss work in large numbers. In January about 800 workers were absent due to coronavirus. This is about 1 out of 10 workers per day. The ports of LA and LB have been overrun with imports, with as many as 100 ships waiting off the coast in late November 2021, and the number reached a record 106 ships on New Year's Day. A terminal representative at the port of LA said " The shortage of workers started during Christmas and has expanded further, reducing terminal productivity by about 20 percent.

A Coronavirus cluster in Ningbo China causes severe vehicle restrictions. A series of Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Ningbo. According to shipping company officials, operations at the port, including mainline cargo handling, are operating normally, however restrictions on trucks, drays and other vehicle are still in place. As a result, truck drivers are required to apply for traffic permits in order to enter the port. China's "Zero Coronavirus Policy" is now very strict and has caused a lock-down in Xi'an, due to an outbreak with about 1,300 infected people. With the Beijing Olympics happening right now, the Chinese government's strict policy designed to stem the spread of corona virus, is having a significant impact on supply chain.





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