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How to Tell Your Kids You’re Moving Out of the Country

Many children struggle with change and react poorly when they hear their family is moving. That’s why some parents hesitate to announce a relocation, especially if it’s to another country. If you’re worried about how your kids will handle your long-distance move, follow this guide.  How Should I Tell My Kids We’re Moving Abroad?

Once the move is definite, tell your kids as soon as possible, so they have time to prepare. Gather somewhere the family feels comfortable, such as the living room or patio. Set aside enough time to have a thorough discussion, so you can respond to all of your children’s questions and concerns.  Start the conversation by gently stating that you have an important announcement. Next, explain where, why, and when you’re moving.

Provide some specific benefits your child can expect from the move. For instance, if you’ll be closer to the ocean or mountains, describe the fun activities your kids can experience there. Allow them to ask as many questions as they want, and answer as honestly as you can. Let them know that it’s okay to feel sad, that it may take some time to adjust to their new home, and that they can rely on your support throughout the transition. 

Many children will be particularly concerned about losing their friends. Remind them that they can maintain their relationships even when they’re far apart. For example, you can schedule regular Skype or FaceTime playdates for younger kids, while older kids can keep in touch with friends via snail mail, email, phone calls, texting, or social media. 

How Can I Make the Long-Distance Move Easier for Them? After the announcement, you may still worry about how your kids will adjust. Make the transition simpler with these tips:

  • Involve Them: If your kids are older and you haven’t decided on a specific house yet, involve them in the search. This strategy not only helps kids feel more excited about the move but can also give them a sense of control over the situation. 

  • Make a List of Fun Things to Do: Get your kids excited about moving by making a list of the interesting places and activities your family wants to experience in the new country. 

  • Teach Them the Language: If your new country has a different language, start learning it as a family as soon as possible before the move. While apps and software are convenient, try to schedule face-to-face lessons with an experienced teacher as well. 

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