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The Do’s & Don’ts of Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Whether you’re moving to gain square footage or a better location, changing offices is an exciting time. Relocation presents opportunities you may not have otherwise had, such as a chance to reevaluate brand identity, reorganize departments, or re imagine workflow. If your big move is approaching, here are a few factors to keep in mind so that everything runs smoothly.


Create a timeline.

Planning your relocation in stages will simplify the process and minimize workflow disturbances. If your employees are working out of the old office during the move, relocate the phones and computers last and start with cabinets, books, and other items they don’t use every day.

Clean & purge your space.

Relocation presents the opportunity to go purge closets and filing cabinets. To prevent bringing clutter into the new office, pack only what you need and shred old documents or trash outdated items.


Forget to tell people about your move.

It’s important to tell your clients, customers, and vendors about the relocation. Announce the news at an in-person meeting or over the phone. You can also spread the word through your own communication channels, like e-blasts, website newsletters, and social media updates. About a week before the move, update your business cards and publicity materials as well as set up mail forwarding with the post office and package delivery services.

Order equipment too far in advance.

If you’re moving into a larger space, you’ll want more furniture to fill it. Make sure to do this close to the move-in day so that your furniture can be delivered to the new location. This practice prevents you from paying to move these new items twice – once to you, and then to the new space.

If you’re looking for fast and dependable relocation services, contact the skilled team of movers at JNR Global Logistics LLC, in Honolulu, HI. These professionals have over 5,000 hours of moving experience and can help you relocate within the state, to the mainland, or across the world. They also provide white glove services to ensure your artwork, furniture pieces, heirlooms, and other delicate items are handled properly. View our services online, or call (808) 773-0035 to request a free quote.

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