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Freight Shipping Services from/to Honolulu, HI

Ocean and Air Cargo Logistics

Shipping Container Company

Aerospace and Defense



  • Defense Contractors

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Civilian DOD

  • Civ DLA

And more

A boat used for our freight shipping in Honolulu, HI

Worldwide Commercial Shipping

 JNR Global is experienced in commercial shipping of virtually any commodity.  Whether you’re shipping vehicles to Dubai, or you’re importing silk from Asia, we can work with your chosen provider abroad, or use our extensive network of logistics experts, carriers, and forwarders to provide you the confidence that your shipments will leave on time and arrive when are where you need them.

Container ship in export and import busi

Hawaii to the U.S Mainland

Moving to the Mainland ?


JNR Global provides relocation services from Hawaii to the US mainland. Our logistic experts work with you individually to provide customized coordination of your move, and we are sure to always accommodate your preferences, while keeping your budget in mind! 

Vacation Airplane Trip to Las Vegas. Lan

 Crating Services

JNR Global has experienced staff members who specialized in custom crating of any item you can imagine. We make custom crates for your precious belongings ranging artwork to motorcycles !

Large Crate Stacked in Huge Warehouse St

Moving to Japan,Asia,or Oceania

Moving to Japan, Asia, or Oceania ?

JNR Global offers shipping to all parts Japan and all parts of Asia and Oceania.

Our bilingual staff will be happy to provide support and coordination for all your needs.

JNR Global works closely with its partners in different parts of the world, who are familiar with shipments of all commodities, from household goods to commercial machinery.

If it can be moved, JNR Global will find the best way to transport your property.  We are experts in moving cargo and freight by air, ocean, rail and over-the-road, to any from anywhere on earth!

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